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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

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What an amazing gift you can give yourself by experiencing life into the deep blue. Scuba diving is a great sport / hobby that you can take anywhere. Our stunning marine life, reefs and wreck diving will blow your mind and you will only want to further your qualifications, allowing you to go deeper for longer, to be able to dive the Red Sea and explore the Thistlegorm – a 1940’s world war 2, British armed Merchant navy ship, which still leaves evidence of Harley Davidsons, jeeps, Tanks, Cannons, anti aircraft guns…. Do we have your interest now? Contact us to book your next course

80% of the world is covered in water, that means you can only explore 20%, are you happy with that? Start your open water course today and you to can explore the other 80% that a few people get to explore, open yourself up to mother natures vast aquarium!

Get ready to start a new chapter of your life, do it on your own or do it with the whole family. Once this bug bites you will be hooked for life! We hope to see you underwater with us soon!

Have a look at our teaser to tempt you 🙂

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