• Workweek:8am to 6pm
  • Weekend:8am to 1pm
  • Holidays:closed

Welcome To Vorn’s Lifeguards.

Please note we are currently upgrading our registration form, contact us here for more information regarding registrations.

We are a professional organisation with qualified instructors who have a passion for working with children and adults and believe in what we do… we save lives and we teach you to not only save your own life but to save someone else’s life as well, hence our motto Certified and ready to save!!

Vorn’s Lifeguards vision is to make a difference. To change and shake up they way swimming schools are run. We have a stunning facility, beach themed to make swimming lessons exciting and an escape from ‘the real world’. Its like being on holiday at the beach with warm temperatures all year round.

We go the extra mile. We care about our swimmers and clients, after all we work so closely with them that they become our family. We are one big community working together to make a difference and to change a small part of this world.

We offer quality and value for money. Our lessons are well structured and planned out to ensure our swimmers progress at an exceptional rate and have love water as well as understand respect for water.

Our fees are affordable so that everyone can afford to give themselves or their kids the gift of learning how to swim. An absolute must life saving skill and recreational skill for all of us living in this beautiful country. We only invoice for the period we are open. You save in January and December as we do not charge for the full month. We invoice for 4 weeks and not 5 – so those extra weeks in the year – you score!

We believe in giving back to our clients who support us and keep our doors open – without you we wouldn’t be able to make the difference we wish to make in this world.

A lot of thought and care has gone into Vorns Lifeguards to make us stand out from the rest.